The Aquaponics Doctors offer consulting on all aspects of aquaponic technology from facility lay out and equipment sourcing to construction supervision and system commissioning. We design systems to meet your production goals or troubleshoot if you are already in production. We develop management systems for fish and plant crop production. We write protocols for maintaining good water quality, removing and utilizing solid waste and ensuring adequate nutrient concentrations for maximum plant growth. We give perspective to newcomers and advice that will prevent costly errors.

In our experience it is prudent to hire a qualified consultant during the planning phase of a commercial aquaponic operation. We evaluate project proposals and give recommendations to improve them. We present the advantages and disadvantages of available aquaponic techniques, help you choose state-of-the-art equipment and technology and identify vendors. We recommend the most profitable fish and plant crops to grow and the required facility size to meet your production goals. We are also available to hobbyists and backyard producers who need advice or encounter problems.

New: Since our business was launched in 2012, we have met several people who purchased commercial aquaponic systems that lost money, failed and were shut down. We have experience in the evaluating these systems, identifying shortcomings and redesigning them to meet or exceed their original production goals. In many cases just a component or two may need to be eliminated and replaced with simpler, less expensive and more efficient components.

Consulting is delivered in many ways. When you contact us with your request, we can respond by e-mail, phone, Skype, computer audio or video chat, conference calls or possible travel to your site.

Use the contact page to send us your request. We charge by the hour, day or job. When the length and price of a project is agreed upon, press the button “Consult Now” for payment to our PayPal account. We require advance payment for short consultations and a partial advance for larger jobs.

Consulting - US$100.00/hour