Project Development

A commercial aquaponic facility based on the UVI design in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy of JBA International Agritech, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Aquaponics Doctors can serve as consultants on commercial-scale projects in any location worldwide. We specialize in providing the technical assistance required to design, build, commission and operate an aquaponic facility. We provide guidance on:

  • Site selection
  • Facility layout
  • Aquaponic system design
  • Sizing systems and facilities to meet production goals
  • Controlled environment requirements
  • Equipment and materials selection and sourcing
  • Electrical and water requirements
  • Construction techniques and scheduling
  • Filtration components
  • Fish and plant crop selection
  • Fish breeding and crop seeding procedures
  • Fingerling and seedling nursery system design
  • Aquaponic system acclimation procedures
  • Fish and plant production procedures
  • Routine supply requirements
  • Pest and disease control
  • Water quality control
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Waste mineralization and reuse
  • Routine system maintenance practices
  • Harvesting procedures
  • Post harvest handling
  • Food safety requirements
  • Record keeping
  • Problem solving

This list is not all inclusive. We will provide assistance on other issues that arise during the progression of the project. We will write operation manuals specific to your project and deliver them in advance of system startup. We will provide training to management and employees and be available for follow-up assistance as needed.  

If you have a need for our services, we would appreciate that you fill out and submit the Project Development Form